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What do you want from your money?

Are you saving for a rainy day or a wedding maybe?

Do you want to put money aside for your children, school fees planning or your

There are so many ways of investing your money and without the
right guidance, investing your cash can be a minefield. At Stone
Financial Consultants we work for you to help you achieve your
aims, within the different risk investment markets available, so
you feel comfortable with what your money is doing.

SIIAP Affiliation

Stone Financial Consultants is a member firm of The Services Insurance & Investment Advisory Panel. It 's statement of principles are:-


It shall be an overriding obligation of the Member at all times to conduct business with the utmost good faith and integrity.


1. In all its dealings with the Committee the Member undertakes to act in an open and honest fashion.

2. In all its dealings with any member of the Armed Forces the Member undertakes to act in an open and honest fashion.

3. The Member undertakes to respond in a timely manner to all
enquiries made of it as a result of any issue raised by a fellow
Member or by the Committee and to assist in any investigation.

4. The Member agrees to provide the Committee with any information
regarding its activities that is in the interests of the Panel or
MOD and which is not of a commercially sensitive nature.

5. Take all reasonable care in the appointment of a sub agent to
ensure that such an agent would be able to comply fully with the
standards required of a Member of the Panel, to verify the
credentials of a prospective sub agent by obtaining references
and to ensure that the sub agent is fully trained and competent to
sell Contracts on its behalf.

6. The Member shall do nothing that may bring the name of SIIAP
into disrepute.

The Member Shall Not :-

1. Make any misleading claims for any products offered.

2. Make inaccurate or unfair criticisms about products and services
that are offered by anyone else.


The Member shall :-

1. Explain all the essential provisions of the Contract or Contracts
which it is recommending so as to ensure as far as possible that
the client understands what he is committing himself to.

2. Draw attention to any restrictions applying to the Contract.

3. Explain to the client the nature of any exclusions that may apply,
particularly in relation to ' war, terrorism and weapons of mass
destruction' exclusions and any exclusions or apportionments
that may apply specifically as a consequence of his membership
of the Armed Forces.


The Member shall :-

1. Avoid influencing the client and make it clear that all the answers
or statements are the latter's own responsibility.

2. Ensure that the consequences of non-disclosure and inaccuracies
are pointed out to the client by drawing his attention tothe relevant
statement in the proposal form and by explaining them to the client.

3. Ensure that the client is aware of his duty of disclosure at all times
and particularly in the event that the nature of his duties and his
posting details result in a change of circumstances between the
date of the signing of the proposal and the on risk date of the policy.

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Stone Financial Consultants Limited
are totally independent financial advisors and mortgage advice brokers and can obtain the most appropriate mortgage to suit your needs.

Your home is at risk if you do not keep up repayments on a mortgage or other loans secured on it. Written Quotations are available on request. A broker fee may be charged. A life assurance policy may be required.
Stone Financial Consultants Limited are Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.